AAU Volleyball Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Players Code of Conduct

1. Understand that you are expected to conduct yourself in a way that brings credit and honor to yourself, your teammates, the program, and the sport. Once you become a part of the Saints Juniors Volleyball Club program, you represent the entire program whether you are on or off the court.

Those who have gone before you in the program have worked very hard to establish the Saints Juniors Volleyball Club as a program that has class in everything it does. Make sure that you make a positive contribution to this reputation.

2. Develop a mental plan. Establish personal and competitive goals. Develop a lifestyle that reflects the pursuit of these goals. If you want to be a champion, exhibit good time management skills, good rest and nutritional habits, and positive social behavior in your daily life.

3. Solve the motivation issue. Remember that the only true, lasting motivation is self-motivation. Rather than putting your coaches or parents in the awkward position of making you do the things you have already committed yourself to do - JUST DO THEM. This means doing your best in all training sessions, scrimmages, games and physical conditioning sessions. This means ridding yourself of the many distractions (conflict with teammates or staff, a low exam score, an unfinished project, a bad day, or relationship or personal challenges) that can prevent you from being properly motivated. Be responsible for your decisions. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone as often as possible. Remember that it's easier to stay motivated when you PLAY WITH PASSION.

4. Learn the line of wisdom in regard to social behavior. Every social situation can be filled with difficult choices. The decision to behave in a particular fashion may be acceptable in one situation but unwise in another. Refine your sense of right and wrong as a student athlete and learn how to creatively apply it in social situations.

5. In the words of that famous shoe company (or, NO EXCUSES stated positively, means) - JUST DO IT !

Parent’s Note:

Please read and discuss this form with your daughter