AAU Volleyball Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Parent's Code of Conduct


We understand that we are expected to conduct ourselves in a way that brings credit and honor to ourselves, your daughter and to the Saints Juniors Volleyball Club as spectators. Once your daughter becomes a part of the Saints Juniors Volleyball Club program, the family represents the program at all competitions we attend.

Each facility (including our own) has rules and regulations. Please follow them to the best of your ability whether or not others are doing so.

We will be on time! We will teach our child the value of being 'early' to both competitions and practices. Also, we will 'walk your talk' by picking them up on time after practices and competitions.


We understand that your daughter has paid to LEARN skills and concepts of volleyball; she has not paid to PLAY. Our coaching staff is committed to developing all players? skills and when a player earns the right to play in certain game situations, she will see playing time. That decision is purely a coaching one. We will allow the coaches to do their job. We understand that there are many different coaching styles. Some coaches are very vocal during the game while others choose to take more of an observer role and make corrections during their next practice. In any event, it is very distracting to a player to have mom or dad telling them what to do from the stands. Our job as spectators is to support our daughter and her team in a positive manner - we will cheer for our team rather than against the opponent.

Tourney Notes: For AAU tournaments, there are no crock pots, or anything else that requires electricity allowed.

While we appreciate your desire to feed your team, in recent years volleyball tournaments have turned into 'food festivals' with the site left to clean up the mess. Most tournaments will NOT allow any coolers or food in the facility. In that case, you can have a tailgate party OUTSIDE (as long as you clean up after your group).

Most tournaments do NOT have spectator seating. Bring a non-marking folding chair with you (it's more comfortable anyway).

AAU tournaments use Coaches and Players as referees in order to keep the cost down to you and your family. Be respectful to them - they are doing the best job they know how. 

Interacting with Coaches:

The '24 hour rule' will be in effect for dealing with complaints or concerns of parents toward coaches. If you have a complaint or concern about a coach in the program for either a practice or a match, you are required to wait 24 hours before addressing the coach with the issue. This will allow us to handle the challenges in a more rational manner without the emotion of the moment attached. If the issue cannot be resolved at that time, take the issue to the program director.